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Brazil is not only one of the biggest countries on earth, it also possesses  of one of the biggest hydrological reserves. In combination with the mountains which are traversing the country, this privileged place on earth is offering some nice playgrounds for passionate paddlers,,,

But to discover these spots, it is not always easy:

At one side, the country is very wide and a lot of rural regions are difficult to access, on the other side kayaking, especially in white water, is still developing. Most of the kayakers are professional raft guides (better saying, “ex-raft guides”, after they have discovered 

kayaking ;-) ). Literature or maps are rare and difficult to find. 

This Site shall help to fill this “white spot” of the kayaking map with color, and provide sufficient information for those who want to enjoy Brazil by boat…

Characteristic of brazilian White Water

In the international comparison, regarding places like Chile, California, Piemonte, etc., Brazil may not be considered as a Top-Spot. The major reason for that, is the fact that most of the rivers depend on rainfalls and the erosion is causing a brown and muddy color of the water. Unfortunately lots of rivers suffer also from the leak of infrastructure (missing waste water treatment plants) of the communities along them, causing contamination with effluents and solid waste which makes a run not worth it or even impossible.

At last the use of hydro-energy is also threatening a lot of rapids, or has already buried them in artificial lakes…

Through the geological alignment of the mountain ranges, most of the rivers are running parallel to the coast in the direction north or south and so, they are reducing their slope stepwise, that means long stretches of flat water, broken up by steep degrees and waterfalls.

But through the unique landscape (Mata Atlantica), the warm water, and the comfortable temperatures the few clean and clear rivers turn themselves into unforgettable highlights… 

Paddling Season

The best time for paddling is in summer, between November and March. Apart from the southern states RS, SC, and PR most of the rivers in the states SP, MG, and RJ do not have enough water during winter time.

WW Classification used

The WW Scale used, corresponds with the “traditional” standard. 

It is pointed out, that the classification of the difficulties of White Water is always very subjective. In addition rivers always are subject to natural alterations and in Brazil you have to be aware of some particular hazards ! 
Therefore, the author does not take over any responsibility !!! 

Participate !

Participate in this project of building up a Brazilian river guide !

If you have any information about rivers not mentioned in this Site, or about any modification in the descriptions published in this Site, send it to the author and help to turn this Site to be the most comprehensive guide of Brazilians White Water. 

River Descriptions


Espirito Santo

Minas Gerais

Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo


Santa Catarina

Rio Grande do Sul


Particular Hazards



WW Scale and Symboles